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Welcome to my new web page. I have many interests from photography to amateur radio which includes walking and cycling to reach places. This page is in the main to host the pull down menu to select required page but also gives tasters of what I do.

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I love my camera and the presentation above takes one through many of the events where the camera is used. In some cases it is a record shot and with others carefully taken. The soon to be lost old web site is a blow in one way, it took years to build up, but at the moment although I have moved from talktalk to sky, the site is still running, even if I can’t alter anything and I expect it to fail any day. So I have decided to slowly build up the new site ready. This page is going to be an active page which will change as new photos are taken. I have realised there is a problem with the manual version and sometimes the pictures don’t show. I am not an IT expert and I can’t find out why but since works in auto not really worried too much.