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The woodland needs constant care be it felling trees in dangerous condition or repairing access and in Wepre Woods where these pictures were taken the local council has to maintain it in a safe condition. There was nothing to stop one descending the steps and since I had already walked a good way before entering the woodland I would not have wanted to abort the walk it was further to go back than carry on. However at the bottom of the steps access was barred. By this time I was on a good route again. This is always a problem when closing a footpath clearly has to be done at all points of access and where walkers can take an alternative route, and posting up diversion instructions being included in the work. However with private woodland the owner can select to allow nature to take over. Being SSSI woodland what the wardens can do is limited. In fact the public are also limited bringing in or removing plants has a huge fine. However plants naturally move with animals, it could be bird, fox, badger, dog or man. Seeds stuck to cloths or fur can be transferred. However the range of the fox and badger is limited but man with his dog may visit many woodlands. The man is not so much a problem as he keeps to paths so seeds dropped are often crushed by traffic but his dog is a real problem.

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