Schedule of test results

Type of Supply:
Ze at origin:
    Nomial volts
Max permitted operating temp tp °C
Ambient temperature °C
Installation Method
    Rating factor for grouping Cg
Rating factor for ambient temperature Ca
Circuit Description Overcurrent Device Wiring Conductors Continuity Insulation Resistance Polarity Earth
Functional Testing
Type Rating Ib Live CPU (R1-R2) R2 Ring L/L MΩ L/E MΩ RCD time Other

Tabulated current-carrying capacity of a cable It    
Orignal mV/A/m
Corrected mV/A/m
Cable length meters
Volt drop
Impedance of Live conductors Ω  
Correction factor Ct

Note:- With a ring final the Design current for circuit 'Ib' is less than the Overcurrent Device rating second box displays Ib. The tabulated current-carrying capacity of a cable 'It' is from installation method 100 where other installation method is selected the result is approximate only. Supply type at moment does nothing like other clearly blank boxes just put in ready for the future. The MCB size is Click on Calculate for the cable size and the volt drop is Click on Calculate for use with power.

This is work in progress and designed to check if readings show there are faults. Where it is border line since some items are approx then it would require more careful calculations before reporting it as a deviation from regulations. Some of the measurement made for example Earth Loop Impedance are only approx repeat the measurement 3 times and likely each one is different so only when wildly out would I consider it as a deviation. Other than installation method 100 the rating is worked out on an average from 1 to 16 mm² so is just approx. It is hoped by showing calculated cable length where this does not fit with known cable length it will ring alarm bells. It’s just a quick test to show what the readings mean in real terms.